Faking it or keeping it real?

We all do it. We fake it.

contactsWe faked  our age when we wanted to get into that bar in high school, we fake being sick when we don’t want to take an exam. We fake a bad cell phone connection when we don’t want to talk to the person on the other end of the line. We fake tans, fake eye color and fake hair. We fake our height with heels. We fake steak  with tofu and we fake diamonds with cubic zirconium.

Heck, we even have fake pets – cyberpug anyone?  We fake drugs for placebo effect. We fake manners to be polite. We fake work when we are tired. We fake boobs and we fake our gut (inhale deeply, guys).

Ever had to stand up and make a speech? Unless you were born with Obama’s oratory skills, you probably had to fake some confidence.  We fake sports, like the WWE. And yes – as Elaine said – we fake that, too.

Louis VuittonMost notable of all are fake labels. Yesterday my friend told me she got a monogram Vernis, Lois Vuitton bag –special edition Brentwood collection. It was $20, and it was fake.

She bought it  in Chinatown next to the fake perfume and fake Rolexes.
I can’t believe it! She said, “It even has the same inner lining as  the real one.”  She stroked her Louis with fragile admiration as though she had given birth to it herself.

“Jessica, it’s a fake,” I reminded her.

“So what!?  Nobody can tell, it looks real and that’s all that matters!”

Is that really  all that matters?

In a world where fakeness is everywhere, does it pay to be real?

In the Wild, many species’ survivability depends on being fake. How do animals  defend themselves in the wild by appearing to be something they’re not?, asks a WikiAnswers user.

  • A: Lizards such as the gecko and skink  are able to fake injury and loss of limbs. As the tail wiggles on its own,  it distracts the predator from the main entrée; The lizard can then run off and grow back its limbs in safety. Many Octopi have a similar talent- they can fake an arm amputation. The tentacles squirm while the octopus swims off in the opposite direction.
  • skinkPuffer Fish are small spiky marine organisms that can blow up to 300% their size when scared-going from ‘tennis ball’ to ‘spiked basketball’ within seconds. Although it looks scary, it’s fake. The fish is just full of hot air.
  • At the Sriracha Zoo in Chonburi, Thailand, A female tiger, who had lost her cubs, nursed fake offspring: piglets adorned in tiger-print costumes.
  • Opossums fake death. ‘Playing possum’ is a well known animal defense mechanism .  When fear  sets in the opossum produces  biochemicals that induce a near coma, and release a foul ‘deathly’ smell from the anus. What self-respecting predator would want to eat yesterday’s leftover lunch meat?

diamondIn the animal world, faking it means making it. Animals fake it in order to protect themselves from danger. Whereas when people fake it, we are often putting ourselves in harm’s way. Fake tans can mean skin cancer. Fake IDs can mean DUI’s and jail time. Fake diamonds can lead to a sad fiancé. Fake Louis Vuittons can mean an end to free enterprise. And what about fake relationships – do we fake love?

Should you go out on a fake a date with a guy in order to get the guy you really like jealous?, asks a WikiAnswers user.

A: Bad idea!
What if this “fake date” makes him angry instead of jealous and he decides to go out with someone else instead? And what about the fake date. If he really likes you he will be hurt when he finds out you just used him. A good relationship takes honesty. Faking a date to make someone jealous will just end up hurting all 3 of you.

heartSo there you have it: physically speaking, a little fakeness can go a long way, but mentally, you gotta keep it real.

2 thoughts on “Faking it or keeping it real?”

  1. I think that whether she is a faker depends on why she likes the bag… if it is just to impress others, because THEY will think it is real, then that’s fake too. 🙂

    On the other hand, what is really fake? In writing or in literary criticism, you write to an individual audience or consider a text from a certain perspective… it isn’t “fake” to not consider the other perspective, or the other audience, because that is what you intend… to tailor your communication for a certain group, or limit it in a certain way. Could that be okay in real life too? … Maybe not always, but there are certain situation where you would change your actions, your tone, and even your vocabulary to suit the situation. Job interview? Are you different with your mom and your best friend? I think some of that is okay… expected… normal. I think the problem comes when we are fake ALL the time, and don’t even realize what is real.


  2. Whats the difference between a ‘real’ LV bag and a ‘fake’ one? They have the same materials, the same design, the same everything. So in fact the fake bag is the same as the real bag.
    In my opinion Jessica is more ‘real’ than the most of us: she is happy with the BAG, not because it is a LV, just because she like the bag. So she is not at all a faker.


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