Ralph of the Flies: ‘Til Daddy Comes

Ralph of the Flies is a silver contributor on Answers.com. Earlier this month his team snagged 5th place in the 9³ AnswerHunt and several of his questions were answered in our Town Hall.

Beyond that, you’ll find him among the Top Organizers in the Wales and Scotland categories as well as the Top Answerers in the Lord of the Flies, Wales, Scotland, Roman Numerals and Stonehenge categories! He was kind enough to share this poem of his for this week’s installment of the Poetry Cafe…

[If you would like your original poetry profiled on this blog, please e-mail it to poetry @ wikianswers.com (no spaces) and include your WikiAnswers username!]

‘Til Daddy Comes, by Ralph of the Flies

And from the lushness you emerge
Dazzling bright, phantasms stretch and melt
Where the sea meets the noonday sky
A coral teardrop, a good place to be
‘Til daddy comes for you
School grey stockings, like cares, cast aside
No words can speak their joy for you
Head in sand, legs splayed
Skin lightly dusted by a myriad of tiny stars
The sea’s prize to sound
And called, like scurrying insects
Flies drawn to fruit and cool green shadows
Then climbing to the sky
Surrounded by air and highest of all
United to tumble free, a good place to be
‘Til fire brings daddy for you
Fear not the darkness or ordure’s foetid stench
Sh*t in the sea, like a good boy should
Betrayed by the flutter of wings within
And wearing beaded crimson anklets
A garland of labours needless spent
Midst soft grey remains of yesterdays hopes, abandoned
Feed the ponies at the wall
And from the hayloft, sweet and snug
Flakes of purest white, drift
Caressing gold flecked skin like softest down
Read your books in bed
‘Til daddy says good night
The curtain flickers, again
The bus is coming closer, run and hide
Climb a tree or break the line?
And through the air, falling slowly
A pink block in a silver sea stained red
Requiem of sooty motes written large across the sky
No ponies now, for evermore, the bus is here
Daddy came too late
Will your tears wash the darkness from your heart?

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