New launches at DEMO 2009.

Here is the exciting news from, which is launching its new product today at DEMO 2009 in San Diego:

New Launches First Site to Combine Community with Hundreds of Editorial Resources under One Roof

International Languages Now Supported: Spanish, French, Italian & German

New combines the power of the company’s WikiAnswers® community-driven content with hundreds of expert resources from licensed content on ReferenceAnswers™. Users can ask anything and automatically receive the best available answer, which could be user-generated or from an editorial resource. Through the contributions of a large and growing community, answers can be edited and improved over time.

To sum it up, has officially combined its user-generated WikiAnswers Q&A database and the licensed content of ReferenceAnswers to create one powerful answer engine, designed to offer you the best answer to your question.

In addition, four new language Q&A communities have opened up. These new international versions are:

Watch Answers Corp’s onstage presentation at the DEMO conference! Visit TOMORROW (Wednesday), shortly before 11:48 a.m. EDT (8:48 a.m. PDT).

UPDATE: Below is the footage of the talk given by Bob and Shaya at DEMO…

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