Answers Corp ranked #18 in August.

Big news from Answers Corp today related to some new, spectacular numbers:

Answers Corporation Announces August comScore Rank of #18

Looks like – including both its reference site and WikiAnswers – can boast some impressive U.S. unique visitor numbers for August, after participating in comScore’s new measurement system.

Answers Corporation… today reported comScore data for August 2009. This report reflects first-time measurement data following Answers’ implementation of comScore’s new measurement methodology, Media Metrix 360, also known as a “panel-centric hybrid” solution.

According to comScore, Answers’ U.S. unique visitors reached 45.1 million in August (rank #18). WikiAnswers had 36.2 million U.S. unique visitors and ReferenceAnswers had 16.5 million U.S. unique visitors in August.

More from Answers Corp explaining comScore’s new system:

Media Metrix 360
According to comScore, its new ‘hybrid’ measurement methodology is aimed at eliminating the long-standing confusion about the differences between internal client metrics and the publicly reported third-party audience estimates. comScore has developed a proprietary methodology to combine stand-alone panel and server-side metrics to calculate audience reach in a manner that is not effected by distortions such as cookie deletion, cookie rejection and non-user requested traffic. comScore clients can choose to implement hybrid measurement for their own sites by embedding beacon calls on user-requested content.

It is important to note that certain comScore clients have moved to the Full Hybrid measurement methodology, while others have moved to “Partial Hybrid” status (as did Answers Corporation) or have yet to implement hybrid measurement. Consequently, direct comparison of a ranking post-Hybrid implementation vs. pre-Hybrid implementation may not reflect the actual change in the site’s ranking or audience size over time.

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