January, February, MattApril!

R1-00AAs the months roll by, many new folks embark on the journey of sharing knowledge via the awesome site we like to call WikiAnswers. Every now and then, among this growing community of awesome Contributors, bright shining stars emerge; those who demonstrate that they are deeply committed to what WikiAnswers stands for and go on to represent this project in the best possible light.

That is why I’m proud and honored to introduce this week’s featured Contributor – MattApril. A multi-talented, wonderful guy, he really symbolizes what WikiAnswers is all about – generosity, community and selfless devotion.

Here’s more:

How did you originally hear about WikiAnswers?

If I recall correctly I was Googling something and that’s how I found WikiAnswers, since it was one of the links that popped up. I got hooked on it basically as soon as I went there.

Explain your user name.

Matt is my real first name. April is for one of my former job coaches who was pretty cool at the time. It was when I was doing janitorial stuff at a restaurant a couple hours before it was time to open.

What motivates you to volunteer your time to the WikiAnswers community?

Helping people by answering questions they have plus trying to protect the integrity of the site by keeping the vandals away.

What are your areas of expertise?

My areas of expertise in terms of categories would be Power Rangers, Pokémon, Smallville and Digimon. My knowledge and memory when it comes to Power Rangers and, to some extent, Smallville is usually so amazing that it usually shocks me.

What is your favorite WikiAnswers feature?

I would have to say answering questions, but I also like other features, too, such as some of my Supervisor tools… like being able to revert an answer.

What has been the funniest question you’ve seen on WikiAnswers?

Funniest question that I’ve seen would be “If you mess up your foot can it tell you if its supposed to rain?

Share a random fact (or two) about yourself.

Well, I live in a one-story apartment in Ohio. I also have a pretty good memory, it’s not as good as they say an elephant’s is but it’s pretty up there. Even though I live on my own in my one-story apartment, I do have Direct Care Staff who come in to assist me with things.

Also I said on my bio page that I’m a bowler, so I suppose I should say what my average is since I’m sure some bowling fans might be interested in that. I usually average around a score of 90 when it comes to bowling.

Right now I’m currently working for a work shop. Two days a week I work there and three days a week I work at an enclave site. The enclave site I work at is a daycare. I just do janitorial stuff there. When I’m at the work shop, well I do basically an assortment of tasks some of which include making bead necklaces, putting together puzzles, putting together first aid kits, organizing baseball cards by teams and even doing some computer work.

Do you want to be interviewed for the Contributor corner? Just leave a comment below and we’ll get to work.

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