3… 2… 1… Answer!

As one third of the activities for the 9³ Experience, WikiAnswers held its first Video Answer Contest – and wow, the time, effort and effects that these contributors put into their video answers are amazing.

Steven Spielberg, watch out! Here are the future directors… of answers:

FIRST Place: KingRudi – Do you want to take drugs? (video)

SECOND Place: JadeAcresAre roosters dangerous and how do you handle a rowdy rooster? (video)

THIRD Place: Squirrel ManHow do you spin a basketball on your finger? (video)

Honorable Mentions: Cowleya and Brainiacs (How do you take off in a Cessna 172?) and Sandface (What size are runt Shorkies?)

The winning videos – and others – will be shared here on WikiAnswers Wednesdays, so make sure to check back.

The winners of the contest will receive Amazon.com gift cards along with other WikiAnswers  9³ merchandise.

Still interested in contributing a video Q&A to WikiAnswers? Just take out your camera, pick a question, record your answer, and add the link to its question on WikiAnswers. Let us know and you’ll be featured (and awarded a prize) as well!

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