WikiAnswers Town Hall Part 2/3: The Site.

And now for Part 2/3 of the WikiAnswers Town Halls. Members of the Answers Corp staff – Alan, Shaya, Yuval, and Gil – discuss several WikiAnswers site features, including catch-alls, contributions, Topicana and… an identity crisis :

Stay tuned for Part 3/3, Q&A about the company, at 9pm EST…

7 thoughts on “WikiAnswers Town Hall Part 2/3: The Site.”

  1. This was a great collection of answers! Regarding Ralph’s note above: one thing Gil didn’t emphasize is how standard wording conventions (whatever they are, first second vs. second person, abbreviations vs. full words, etc.) enable easier question matching. With a convention, no Super has to manually merge “How do I change a lightbulb?” and “How do you change a lightbulb” together. They’re automatically combined and the user gets their answer right away. By the way, any predictable mistakes, such as “World War I”, can be made into automated exceptions to the conversion rules. So be sure to speak up whenever you see them.


  2. Thank you, Shaya. Topicana is actually the result of the joint efforts of our team members present and past: Avi R., Daniel N., Ophir and myself (or is it yourself? one does get confused). I am happy to see it do a decent job.
    Loved your video. Going to vote for you (at least on WikiAnswers).


  3. Some interesting answers but I’m still not convinced the confusion caused over ‘you’ and ‘I’ is outweighed by it being generalised instead of specific. I think that’s what I think or is that what you think? Now I’m confused.


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