WikiAnswers Town Hall Part 1/3: The Community.

Welcome to Part 1/3 of the WikiAnswers Town Halls for the 9³ Experience!

Answers Corp staff have answered many of the questions submitted by WikiAnswers contributors, and now we all get to watch and learn something new about our favorite answers company, community and site.

As promised, three town  hall videos will be shown here, on no.stupid.answers, throughout the day. The first is below and the second will be posted at 3pm EST and the third at 9pm EST.

Without further ado, the first of the WikiAnswers 9³ Town Hall series, covering Q&A related to the WikiAnswers Community. Participating in this Town Hall are Crystal, Matthew, Gregg, Adam, Suzanne and Chris.

Stay tuned for Part 2/3, Q&A about the site, at 3pm EST.

7 thoughts on “WikiAnswers Town Hall Part 1/3: The Community.”

  1. Ouch! red faced…I just saw the rest of part one.
    I had not realized there was more after Crystals answer thinking each question was a part on its own. You all did great and I assure you I watched each. Thank you Crystal, Matt, Gregg,Adam,Suzzane,Chris for your answers.


  2. Interesting and well thought out answers. I am happy to hear of some of the uncoming modifications to proceedures which will hopefully make the site even better.


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