9³ has arrived: Answerhunt winners & more.

The day is finally here: September 9, 2009. Three 9s in line with each other to symbolize the WikiAnswers 9³ Experience. In the spirit of the day, here are some announcements, cubed:

1. Today is the last day you can submit up to nine video answers for the 9³ Video Contest.

2. There will be three Town Hall sessions throughout the day – the first at 9am EST, the second at 3pm EST and the third at 9pm EST.

3. It’s also time to announce the Answerhunt winners! Thanks to everyone who teamed up and participated in the first-ever WikiAnswers Answerhunt!

Feedback shows it was a fun event with a lot of potential.

And the winners of the Answerhunt – and of some really awesome Amazon gift cards – are:

1. Blackwood Rangers Aggie80, Btp2u, Chief k
2. Pizazz samke23, Meat loaf lover, Ashan12
3.Genesis Cowleya, Medium2, EndTrans
4. Team Nostalgia Jadeacres, Knighttemplar, Jponbac
5. The 9 Cubed Experience Dino10, Ralph of the Flies, Lazarus1950

Congrats to the winners! Looking forward to future community activities from WikiAnswers.

Happy 9/9/09!

4 thoughts on “9³ has arrived: Answerhunt winners & more.”

  1. Here are the times it took for each of the top 5 teams to finish the AnswerHunt: 2:13 (2 hrs 13 min), 3:23, 4:04, 4:40, 6:30. We’re not announcing the total number of teams at this time. Thanks for playing and look for more contests in the coming months.


  2. Team Nostalgia had loads of frantic frustrating fun. All three of us will look forward to the next “hunt”. Congrat’s to all who participated.


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