Jwilde222 in the House!


Who’s there?


Jwilde who?

No! Jwilde222!

EinsteinOkay the joke might be a little lame, but this week’s featured contributor is far from it. With a whopping 50,000 contributions in less than six months, the joke is truly on us. An answering machine, this Supervisor, Gold Contributor extraordinaire oversees the categories of Hallucinogens and Illegal Drugs. He chose to Supervise these taboo subjects because “there is a great deal of misinformation regarding these topics and I felt that the record should be set straight.”

We couldn’t agree more! Hey…someone is knocking at the door! Who say you? It’s Jwilde222 (I’ll stop now):

What is your WikiAnswers user name and how did you come up with it?

My user name is Jwilde222 simply because jwilde was my high school nickname and 2 is my lucky number. I noticed several other WikiAnswers contributors have a name ending in 222, but it’s just coincidental (or because great minds think alike ha ha).

What is your first name?

My first name is Justin.

What is your age?

I am currently 19 years old and have a twin brother.

Do you have any pets?

I have a cat and a Chihuahua.

Where do you live, how long have you lived there and why do you like the area?

I’ve lived in Connecticut all my life (despite the Truth-or-Consequences location listed on my profile; that was just a joke). I enjoy getting to experience the variety of the seasons, although it does get a bit chilly in the wintertime. Also, there are some nice hiking trails up here.

What educational information would you like to share?

I am a sophomore in college working towards a B.S. in chemistry.

What are your past and/or present occupations?

I currently don’t have a job; but I am a full-time college student.

What is/are your key area(s) of knowledge, interests or expertise?

Aside from the topics I Supervise, I am also interested in chemistry. I like this subject because I find its history and applications very interesting.

Do you have any collections or hobbies?

I just have your typical small coin collection.

What do you like to do for recreation?

I like to listen to music (primarily artists like Keane, Depeche Mode and the Gin Blossoms). I also like hiking, poker and video games.

What are a few random facts about yourself?

My favorite colors are green and blue.

Do you have any special talents you’d like to share?

No. I guess I’m pretty ordinary.

What accomplishments are you proud of?

I graduated at the top of my high school class.

What are your special goals or dreams?

I would like to become a medicinal chemist and discover some live-saving treatment. (Does saying “I want to cure cancer” sound too cliche?)

How would you describe yourself or personality?

I might be hard to get to know, but I think I am actually very friendly. 🙂

What brought you to WikiAnswers?

I love using Answers.com as a reference site, and one day I decided to answer a few of the questions that were listed at the bottom of the page.

What keeps you coming back to WikiAnswers?

I come back to WikiAnswers because I like challenging myself to answer questions. With so many users, there is always an interesting selection!

What is your favorite WikiAnswers activity

I like answering questions because it tests my knowledge. If I don’t know the answer, then I get to look it up and learn something new.

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