C.Hainsaw doesn’t know why.

C.Hainsaw has perhaps the most intimidating username of any supervisor on WikiAnswers.  But did you know after a hard day of blocking vandals he can still write some serious poetry?  He wrote the following poem about fifteen years ago for a creative writing class in college. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room after he finished reading it.

He explains, “I think this defined what poetry is for me, reaching people on that much deeper emotional level. It isn’t about the words, but what the words do to and for the audience.”

“I Don’t Know Why I Don’t Know Why,” by C.Hainsaw

My daughter asks why the sky
is not green says she.
“The grass is green.” to her I say
“God made it to match the trees.”

My daughter asked why cats don’t bark
and dogs don’t say, “Meow.”
I tell her, “Love, if dogs could speak
people would wonder how.”

My daughter asks why at night
the stars come out to play.
I tell my love, “The night for them
to you is like the day.”

My daughter asks why other kids
have mommies unlike she.
I look at her, tears fill my eyes,
I tell her, “You have me.”

My daughter loves this question game
her questions I love to try,
but sometimes even I don’t know
why I do not know why.

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