An intro to 9³.

The folks at are ready for the Q&A event of the year and now you can be, too: All the contest details are available on the official WikiAnswers 9³ Experience page (including the prizes).

In short, it’s a series of three events running from September 1-9, culminating on 9/9/09 (or 9³). You can participate in one, two or all three of the events (and win!):

  1. AnswerHunt: The ultimate Q&A scavenger hunt, taking place across the WikiAnswers website on Saturday, September 5th. It’s also the first-ever WikiAnswers team event – each team must consist of two contributors and one Supervisor. Find your wiki-friends and sign up… and if you think you need practice around the site, better brush up now!
  2. Town Halls: This is your chance to ask the WikiAnswers team-behind-the-scenes any questions you like! The best questions will be chosen and answered by Answers Corp staff; these video Town Halls will be shared on Wednesday, September 9th.
  3. Video Contest: For the entire duration of 9³, you can submit up to nine Q&A videos – that is, videos you film yourself presenting a question on WikiAnswers and a visual answer. The best will be displayed here – and the creators will win prizes. Get inspired by one of the WikiAnswers Wednesday videos featured on this blog.

There isn’t much time to lose! Start gearing up for the 9³ events now. If you have any questions, leave ’em in a comment below.

Your comments are welcome!

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