HisPowr4U: Of contributions and poems.

So what does a six-time WAmmy award winning Supervisor with over one million contributions under her belt do for an encore?

In the case of HisPowr4U, write some great poetry!

B.J. – as she is also known – has actually been writing religious poems for decades, including the one highlighted below which was penned almost exactly 16 years ago (August 25, 1993).

On WikiAnswers, B.J. supervises the Rhyming Words category, among several others, to keep her literary skills sharp!

Untitled, by B.J. Sullivan

God uses many means,

To bring His children home;

A taste of His sweet presence,

A song, a book, a poem.

Like little Gospel windows,

To show the way that’s right,

And if we look more closely,

We’ll see God’s holy light;

Shining through to tell us,

His way is up above,

Not the way of hatred,

But the way of love.

He sheds His love upon us,

To draw us to His throne,

That He might be our Father,

And claim us for His own.

He also uses pain sometimes,

For when we are in need,

We are more apt to listen,

His Holy Word to heed.

He uses joy and pleasure,

Because He is their source,

And when we know He cares for us,

It brings us back on course.

I’ve never seen His face,

But this mystery I ponder;

A glimpse of His sweet grace,

A look at Heaven’s wonder;

Every single day,

His grace on me is poured,

Little Gospel windows,

To draw me to the Lord.

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