To Read This Or Not to Read This; That is the Decision

Ok, what to write about this week… Petfood? Nah. Maybe Marsupials; they are cool… Nah. How about global warming? Nope, not in a tree-hugger mood… Next. What about toenails and socks?  Yes, I can see it now- the evolution of clothing and its relationship to the human form.

Bleh, I’m going to get a ‘FAIL’ on this blog post.
thinking poseWell, technically speaking, blogs don’t get  graded – phew! But I can get an ‘F’ in likability – arrg! That’s even worse, to get a mental F in blog writing. Well it’s not actually ‘mental dislike’ if people can post comments, duh. Nirel!

Ok, work, brain, work!


It’s as though my head has been filled with wet concrete and I feel it drying. I just need to calm down. Relaxe por favor senorita; just think happy thoughts and the ideas will flow.

It’s simple. I sit in front of the computer with my hands on the keyboard and you tell me what to type, ok, brainypie? Hmm, maybe he doesn’t like the nickname I just gave him. Should I talk to you in first person orbrain third person? First person it is! OK you will be called Mr. Brain – or better yet, Sir Brain. A title, as though you have been knighted by a queen.

Ok, royal brain, go for it!


Take your time. I don’t mean to pressure you. Maybe I’m just crazy? I’m talking to myself, after all. But people who talk to themselves are smart – like a kid who has an imaginary friend. Psychologists say it’s perfectly fine, even healthy – but is that normal for adults? Sure it is!
Says who?
Says me!
So there!

Get it together, captain! Why can’t my brain function? I do my best for you! I eat tons of salmon, even though I don’t like it, so you can get your Omega 3 fatty acids… And this is how you repay me? All I want is a decision on a simple idea for this blog.

Ok, have it your way. I will ask WikiAnswers for help: How can you make good decisions during a stressful time?

A: I think it depends on whether you are stressed or not. Stressed= bad decisions, Relaxed=Good decisions. Even if you rely on your instincts, they are hard to filter out  during times of stress

According  to WikiAnswers, I am making a bad decision right now because I can’t rely on my instincts. What if I concentrate, remove all stress from the situation and  become attune with my deep inner animal self-will I be able to think and make a confident decision then?

Can animals make rational decisions?

A: Although the answer is debatable for highly intelligent creatures such as pet dogs and dolphins, The answer is No, it is due to experience. Over time, an animal’s instincts improve and branch off, which accounts for the fact that animals as well as pets are said to have the capability to rationalize in any given situation, but that is simply not true- the animal  makes a quick, gut, instinctual decision without thinking too much about it.

Awesome! Decision-making without thinking!

Quick, should I post this to the blog?

My gut says, Yes!

Your comments are welcome!

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