Violet1330: A non-traditional student and poet.

Violet Joan Berry (also known as Violet1330) is a published author and poet who also happens to contribute to WikiAnswers as a Supervisor in her spare time.  Between spending time with three generations of children, quilting and birdwatching, she is also working towards college degrees in Humanities and History!

She granted us permission to reprint the following poem of hers from her book Dogwoods & Pussywillows: Growing Up Country, Pub. 2009.

[If you would like your original poetry profiled on this blog, please e-mail it to poetry @ (no spaces) and include your WikiAnswers username!]

“I’ll Fly Away or Not,” by Violet Joan Berry

Superman, my big hero

I wanted to fly like him

Faster than a speeding train

And faster than a bullet

But I would settle for flying

Just a few feet anywhere

I draped a towel around

My shoulders, safety-pinned

The top ends around my neck

And hurled my six-year-old body

Off the tool shed roof in the

Typical superman pose

Arms outstretched to meet the sky

The brief second I hung there

In mid air was wonderful

I saw my mother running

To catch me; it was too late

I heard a voice say, “Do not move.”

I couldn’t have anyway

Under my watchful eyes, Mom

Locked the linen closet door

Under her watchful eyes, I

Tried to walk on sprained ankles

And nursed both my skinned up knees

While wondering if I could

Have flown with a pillow case

Instead of that heavy towel.

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