A tale of two possible parakeets.

When I was a kid, my mom let me go to the store and pick out a parakeet to take home. There were dozens of parakeets of all colors and degrees of shrillness. I wasn’t really considering any other criteria other than how pretty it was.

I picked a pretty green one and assumed it was a male. Maybe it was the appearance of the pot-belly around its middle? I found out after I had taken ‘him’ home that this parakeet was indeed a she – and she was pregnant.

Lucky for all of you parents with kids who MUST have a pet parakeet pronto, the wonderful Ganderton (also known as Gregg) has outlined a WikiAnswers Wednesday video with that little detail it’s always nice to know: How do you tell a male parakeet from a female parakeet?

Big thanks to Ganderton for participating in the video edition of WikiAnswers Wednesday!

If you’d like to submit  a video for next week, leave a comment below.

If you’d like to know more about parakeets, well, you know where to go: Pet Bird Q&A on WikiAnswers

Your comments are welcome!

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