WikiReviewers: ready, set, edit.

You are the hidden wiki-warriors.

Yes, you. You, who can’t let the answer sit there with a ‘there’ instead of ‘their.’ You, who will never surrender to the ‘ur’ and ‘pls’ of txt speak. You, who needs to fix just one more spelling mistake before you call it a night.

You, masters of the keyboards behind the minor edits.

WikiReviewersThere is now a WikiAnswers Community program just for you: WikiReviewers. The WikiReviewers are dedicated to increasing the quality of the site’s content by clarifying questions, correcting spelling and grammar, balancing answers, and more.

There are separate divisions of the WikiReviewers which target specific tasks: Archive Researchers, Literary Editors, and Copy Editors. There are also Editors at Large; more about the breakdown:

Literary EditorLiterary Editors: The Literary Editors’ main job is to locate and confirm plagiarism. They will also add resources to Q&A’s and do rewrites.

Archive Researchers: Archive researchers tackle questions that have remained Archive Researcherunanswered for long periods of time. Some of these will be more difficult questions, and will need some looking up. They may recommend some of the more interesting selections for the featured questions list.

Copy EditorCopy Editors: The Copy Editors work on spelling and grammar across the site. They will clarify answers and balance out one-sided or skewed statements in answers.

Editors at largeEditors at Large: In addition to these divisions, there are Editors at Large. The Editors at Large work with all three other divisions to help them complete their tasks.

The Managing Editor for the WikiReviewers is Myrab51. To receive more information, send an e-mail to WikiReviewers @ (no spaces). Be sure to include your name, username, division you are interested in joining and age. Each member of the WikiReviewers takes a quiz on spelling and grammar before joining, and has to be a minimum of 13 years of age.

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