A look at growth and Answers.com.

Michael Eisenberg, on Seeking Alpha, wrote up some great insight into Answers.com’s growth, examining both of Answer Corp’s major products, ReferenceAnswers and WikiAnswers.

With the former keeping at a stable pace, and WikiAnswers on the rise, he gives kudos to Answers.com making the grade as a top 50 site in the United States.

“Management has done a remarkable job of putting this business on healthy footing, setting its growth path and getting in profitable to the point it is generating cash.”

Michael also lists some major reasons to watch Answers.com in the near future:

  • The site is working on fulfilling its goals of international expansion.
  • A Top 50 site is worth watching.
  • WikiAnswers is bringing together experts, creating a network with major potential for answer-providing.

Couldn’t agree more, really.

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