Release Update: Action filters, more snippets and enhanced spell check

Thanks to your great feature requests, we are proud to present a few new ones this week.

Powerful action filters

FiltersRecent site activity, recent category activity, user contributions, question history… these lists have been a part of WikiAnswers since the dawn of time (on our timeline, anyway). They contain everything from adding an alternate to changing capitalization; editing an answer to writing on a message board. But they are underused because they can be overwhelming and hard to keep up with.

Enter action filters, and these same pages become extremely powerful, time-saving tools. Now that you can filter lists for your favorite action, you can dive into all kinds of projects. For example:

Filter it

Those were some pre-set filters, but if you want to dive in deeper, you can use filters in any combination you like. Here’s how:

  1. Go to a page with filters (recent site activity, recent category activity, user contributions, question history).
  2. Select a filter option from each drop-down menu. Some pages will have an action menu and a user-type menu; others only have an action menu.
  3. Click GO and feel the magic!

More snippets…

You may already be familiar with answer snippets on the search results page, recent site activity pages and category pages. Now we’ve added them to the recently answered questions page, making it that much easier to comb through new answers for bad apples.

Here’s what they look like:


Enhanced spellchekc spell check

Splelling is sometimes a probelm on WikiAnsers, and we like to encourage contributors to take advantage of their various options: IE spell check, Firefox spell check, WYSIWYG spell check…

But in case these aren’t enough, we’ve added one extra push for spell check – a little gradeschool reminder to Spell check your answer! (In case you tried to click on that, well, it’s not a link.)

Next time you edit an answer, just click on the Spell check your answer link near the Save button. It’s fun, it’s fast and it helps!

Send us your feedback!

We hope you enjoy these new goodies – post your thoughts, comments and other feedback below. And once you’ve had a chance to get creative with filters and snippets, send me your most creative ways of using them (pickleshy @ The most helpful and creative will be published here for the greater good (or the greater laugh!)

Updates: Corrected the email address – apologies to all those who emailed me at the wrong address!

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