Can’t See D4est for the Trees?

CleopatraPut those spectacles back on, ’cause she’s right here! We’re talking about one of WikiAnswers’ finest – D4est. Also known as Deb, D4est loves the call of the wild and freedom to roam that being a Floating Supervisor provides – although she does admit to having lots of fun (while learning something along the way) answering questions about the Swine Flu. With all the rapidly changing information, it has been a fun, rewarding challenge for this nurse extraordinaire who had this to say about the experience: “To be able to give education on prevention and be sure that questions are answered correctly without nonsense or panic on such a serious issue has been wonderful.”

Dying to know more about this modern-day Cleopatra? Keep those spectacles firmly attached to your nose ledge and read on!

What other positions do you hold on

I’m currently in the Silver Contributor level but will reach 50K soon… I’m looking forward to that. I’m not officially on Vandal Patrol but I bust as many as I find *big smile*. I’m an unofficial cheerleader for the Mentoring Program, too. I think that it is great that we have such a large and good group of Mentors for new Supervisors to work with and learn from. I just got a coveted “Bug Catcher” badge; I’ve wanted one of those ever since the new design came out. I think it is the butterflies that got me. You may have seen my Oscar-like “Acceptance Speech” on the Supervisor’s Forum when I got it, it was all big fun, but there was an element of truth underlying it, since it really is special to me. I unofficially help Star Wanderer with the Endangered Species category but otherwise, I’ve kept pretty footloose and fancy free, and, well… unofficial.

What is your age?

Lordy lordy lordy – it is scary but I just turned older than dirt in May. I am fast approaching the Sexagenarian milestone… or maybe I should say millstone… but it does have a nice ring to it (blush).

Are you the parent of any four-legged, winged, furry or otherwise non-human children?

Missy and Tony, my Airedales. Missy is a certified Therapy Assistance Dog. Tony is a snuggler who loves people and makes a fantastic visiting companion dog. Both are smart as can be and comedians like all Airedale Terrierists.

Where do you live?

We live in the US in the Houston, Texas area… where I don’t love the summer weather when the heat and humidity are so extreme, but most of the year is actually very good weather here. We live on two wooded acres. I have had it certified as a wildlife habitat. I currently have lots of deer in and out, but also two families of deer resident in the yard (literally) – one with twin fawns and another with a single fawn all around the same speckled age. They are so fun to watch run and buck and play together. We have all types of other wildlife and birds, hummingbirds and butterflies galore. There is always what I call a “Disney Scene” out the windows with fawns lying in the grass, birds singing, baby bunnies munching nearby in the shade and a squirrel or two.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the US Midwest, where my love of animals and wildlife began on our 250-acre horse breeding farm.

What are some of your past and present occupation(s)?

I’m an RN, have been since the “glass age,” when IV bottles were glass, not plastic bags, syringes were glass, medicines were in glass ampules, etc. Today, of course, all those are plastic disposables. I now work at home part-time reviewing medical records for quality and appropriate billing. And I care for my 91-year-old mom who is confined to bed and requires all my knowledge of nursing care to allow me to keep her at home instead of a facility. It is a blessing for us both. My bio page has a lot of detail on my past occupations, so I’ll not go into that… too many years to cover.

Do you have any special interests or hobbies?

The list is long. I groom my Airedales and am a fan of the breed, paint watercolors, etc.  When time allows, I volunteer at the therapeutic riding stable nearby, grow hot chiles and am a fire-eating chilehead.  I also love to listen to music of any type, but especially jazz and blues and new age.

What do you like to do for recreation?

Not a lot of time for it, but it usually involves my dogs, animals and the woods. I love to play Texas Hold’em poker and other things that currently take a back seat to WikiAnswers.

Do you own any collections?

Antiques, coffee tins, grinders and other antique and collectible coffee related items.  We had a fresh roasted coffee shop back in the ’70s – too many decades ahead of our time for the Starbuck’s money. *snap*

Do you have any special talents?

I can juggle *smile*, gourmet cooking, flower designs, art, textiles and soft sculpture.

What are some accomplishments that you are proud of?

Designed our home and had it custom constructed. Pretty good poker player.

What brought you to

I forget now, but I believe I was looking up something and saw tempting questions to answer and got hooked.

What keeps you coming back to

Addiction at first. Now it is mostly the people, but the addiction is still a big part.

What is your favorite activity?

Right now it is keeping up with the Swine Flu questions and updates. But one of my favorite things to do is work on alts… splitting and merging and moving.

How would you describe yourself or your personality?

I don’t take myself too seriously and love to laugh. I appreciate friends. I can’t help nurturing. I’m an activist on health care reform, nature, environmental issues and climate, green energy jobs and reduction of our use of fossil fuels. I’m Cleopatra, Queen of Denial, when it comes to thinking about my age. I have equally good friends from age 14 to 94. Age is just a number.

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