Samke23: A Debater, Not a Fighter

Samke23 is a WikiAnswers volunteer supervisor and Gold Contributor. This wordsmith loves debating and has been known to prefer debate meets over a night out with her friends.

She is a first-generation college student who plans to become an English teacher. When she’s not studying or solving crossword puzzles, she’s writing some scintillating poems such as the one below. She also supervises the WikiAnswers category of one of her favorite poets, Emily Dickinson.

Scintillation, by Samke23

I’m a writer

not a fighter

sudden danger raging fire

strike of lightning

name of Desire

not telling truth

not a liar.

I’m a writer

not a lover

breaking hearts

waking tired

bolt of thunder

name of Desire

not being faithful

not a cheater.

I’m a writer

not a poet

not an author

no prose glowing from the altar

name of Desire?


bringing my imagination higher.

2 thoughts on “Samke23: A Debater, Not a Fighter”

  1. I just used technology for the first time in forever. Imagine my surprise when I find I am featured on the blog. This is just plain awesome!


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