What Are Creative Uses of Duct Tape?

He’s back! Following on the heels of his debut smash hit, our very own IT Manager (aka the AnswerMan) returns to tackle a bigger challenge: What are some uses of duct tape? If you thought his paper clip ideas were original, wait until you see what he can do with duct tape… or is that duck tape? At least we know it’s not masking tape.

If YOU have a special question you’d like us to answer, leave a comment below. And even better – you can create your own WikiWednesday answer video (just make sure you mention that in the video) and send us the video link for a chance to be highlighted here in one of our next WikiWednesday answer videos.

14 thoughts on “What Are Creative Uses of Duct Tape?”

  1. I'm feeling a bit negative about it too, though. It's mostly all “wow!” but don't forget everything has its pessimistic side! So I agree with Chris and Victoria as well as the other negative people and positive people.


  2. Hi! I have a question that I think would be really cool to do on the WikiWednesdays thing…
    Q: What are some creative uses of plastic bags?

    Thanks, and oh yeah- LOVE the video! 🙂


  3. go out and buy some colorful duct tape and you can get a old tank top and an old pair of little shorts and you can make a dress… i have done it for school one day, it was homecoming week and that day was duct tape day


  4. Thank you! Just when the paper clip presentation seemed unbeatable… .
    It also serves as a quality, organic control, name brand bug zapper. You can customize the duck/duct tape. For example, sprinkle crumbs to attract flies. Put ground-up oak bark to catch gypsy moth caterpillars. Cut yourself and let the blood drops drip onto the sticky side to draw mosquitoes to their doom.


  5. Gil-
    Your account has been locked, your computer has been formatted, and your e-mail is being forwarded to Santa Claus.
    Have a nice day,
    Tech Support 🙂


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