What can you do with a paper clip?

Some of our questions just can’t be adequately answered in words. So we recruited Answers.com’s IT manager, aka The AnswerMan, to demonstrate novel uses of the common paper clip.

How many more uses can you come up with? Add them to: What can you do with a paper clip?

Note: First attempt at uploading the video showed an audio-video sync problem which led us to look for an answer to the problem: Why is the uploaded Youtube audio-visual sync way off?
We apologize to @WikiAnswers followers who saw multiple tweets about paper clips as we were trying to fix the problem.

9 thoughts on “What can you do with a paper clip?”

  1. I use paper clips for….stitch markers when I crochet….to hold the check register book open when I’m balancing my check book….to mark pages when I read…aren’t paper clips wonderful??!! 🙂


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