Rocking the Twitterverse with #WikiWednesday.

Since you’re following WikiAnswers on Twitter – you are following WikiAnswers on Twitter, right? – here’s the latest way to celebrate the Wiki way with the very best Q&A community around: #WikiWednesday.

As you’ve realized, WikiAnswers Wednesday  is the weekly column we do on no.stupid.answers featuring the bizarre side of questions and answers. We want to extend that tradition of making Wednesday a day for wiki Q&A.

So at some point today (and every other Wednesday), find a question you love, hate, smiled at, laughed at, or cried about… and tweet it with the #WikiWednesday hashtag. That way, we can all share and track the WikiAnswers Wednesday love by tweeting our favorites, retweeting others’, and viewing the growing collection of #WikiWednesday Q&A’s.

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