HisPowr4U Passes a Mega Milestone

May 22, 2009 is a date that will be forever etched in WikiAnswers history.  At 5:32 am ET on that date a supervisor by the name of HisPowr4U became the first person to join the million contributions club.  Wow!  1,000,000 contributions since she joined the site on October 11, 2007.

2008 WAmmy Award for Most ContributionsI’ll recount her varied accomplishments here for those who are not yet familiar.  She stormed onto the WikiAnswers scene in late 2007 and still garnered two WAmmy awards (Honorable Mentions for “Best Contributions by a New Supervisor” and “Most Active New Supervisor”) for her earnest contributing those last few months.  From there her passion for organization enabled her to nab 3rd place in the Mission: Recategorization competition in mid-2008.  Her Spanish translation acumen paid dividends later in the year when she earned top honors in the How-To AnswerThon.  Last, but not least, that year she took home four 2008 WAmmy awards including “The Good Samaritan Award” for most contributions during the year! She also threw in a 3rd place finish in this year’s AnswerThon for good measure.

What else can I say about this bug-catching, uncategorized-loving Wikiholic?  Just that we’re grateful to have HER Power For US!

16 thoughts on “HisPowr4U Passes a Mega Milestone”

  1. Hey! A hearty congrats!!!Great job!!!!Proud of having such a member on wiki!!!1 million contributions……..Marvellous……Fantastic…….All the great words that describe this achievement!!!!!


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