Woo Hoo! We’re a Webware 100 Winner

We were a Webware 100 winner once again! Webware, we thank you! And we thank all of you who voted for us, and everybody who helped make the site so great. The winners were “voted to be the best of the best by Webware readers and users of the apps themselves.” According to Webware’s announcement, “Nearly 630,000 votes were cast during the voting this year to pick the best Web 2.0 sites and services.”

Answers.com won in the Search & Reference category, where we were listed ahead of Google and Wikipedia, though we might have been helped by the fact that the list was sorted alphabetically.

From their write-up:

“Want to find out more about something? Check Answers.com. The service pulls information from several different reference sites to provide answers to your questions. … Users are also able to register, and answer questions that have been asked by other users. … There’s also a Facebook daily trivia application and a plug-in for blog owners that will highlight keywords with small pop-up links to content on Answers.com pages.”

This is our third straight year as a Webware 100 winner. Thank you for your support!

6 thoughts on “Woo Hoo! We’re a Webware 100 Winner”

  1. yes i ‘m new here but i ‘m big fan of this website , it’s shows how much its important to ask ,and how much it’s nice to get a answer as well

    keep it up WikiAnswers



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