Three Cheers for the Catch-All King: Mezzra

SupervisorHip-hip-hooray! Hip-hip-hooray! Hip-hip-hooray! There’s no denying that’s has a lot of dedicated contributors. But sometimes there are those who shine so brightly, they could be mistaken for royalty! One person who really, honestly and truly deserves more than three cheers is our fantabulous Mezzra. On the site since only December 2008, this force to be reckoned with has already accomplished the impossible: just under 90,000 contributions, 50 hours as a Vandal Patrol Site Guardian and winning a 2008 Honorable Mention WAmmy. All this, while simultaneously volunteering as a mentor, WIT Adult Advisor and Wikiguide. And if that doesn’t keep him busy enough, he’s also an avid Category Supervisor – carefully watching over the dire and dangerous Catch-Alls.

What can I say? All hail Mezzra! Here’s more from the Wiki-King himself: How did you originally hear about

Hmm…Well, it’s nothing as exciting as I have seen others post on this blog. It’s not even very complicated. Basically, one day whilst Googling something (“what” totally evades my memory), I saw a link. Upon opening the link, I was faced with two things; a good answer, but terrible grammar. So I got stuck right in and signed up! Checking grammar (my personal pet peeve) soon earned by around 1,000 Contribution Points in a period of a few days, and on Christmas Eve, I had the Super powers!

Explain your username.

My username is just something I saw one day on another site and nicked. Don’t know the origins or if it actually means anything, but thought it had a pretty awesome sound. 🙂

What motivates you to volunteer your time to the community?

Basically, helping others out. It really gives me a kick and brings me back here day-after-day. That and the fact there are tons of questions that are just…urgh. So I fix those up!

What are your areas of expertise?

Without wanting to sound big-headed, the Catch-alls. I spend 90 percent of my time in there, and it’s my true love on site. Without the category I would go absolutely mad!

What is your favorite feature?

Reverting has always been of interest to me. I just love the fact that the system remembers all of the previous answers and with two clicks you can have an old, excellent answer that has been vandalized. I can’t wait until we get the batch-revert feature…

What has been the funniest question you’ve seen or your funniest experience on

The question “What is Governmentium?” made me totally LOL. Even a few days after I was still laughing at the thought 😛

Share a random fact (or two) about yourself.

Well, there isn’t much of interest about me. Other than the fact that I love English, both language and literature. As you may have known by reading this all, grammar is my absolute “thing.”

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