Zenballwizard: Supervisor and Poet Extraordinaire

Who knew there were so many poets spread amongst our ever-growing community of WikiAnswers supervisors?  We didn’t until we asked!  We’ll share some of their work with you in the coming weeks.

We’re kicking things off with none other than Zenballwizard, a Silver Contributor who studies Eastern philosophy in his spare time.  He explains that the following piece symbolizes how our quest for knowledge can cut both ways as we live our lives.

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“Meteorology Lesson” by Zenballwizard

Well, I could spin you tales of troughs aloft
How masses move between the poles and doldrums
Regale you with the intricacies of
The Polar High, La Niña and El Niño
And you’d be fascinated by the way
The air flows along isobars and boundaries
And how the cold fronts form when air slides under
The humid masses moving from the tropics
Or we could step outside and close our eyes
And be the wind

6 thoughts on “Zenballwizard: Supervisor and Poet Extraordinaire”

  1. When I looked upon my head
    I saw a black figure
    On my head
    I was looking at love
    and live.
    I love the…


    When I looked in the garden
    With breeze in my hair
    Then a person passed along
    With such a pair
    Of the trousers I wore yesterday
    And I was jealous.
    How did he get such a thing?
    At my birth
    I took it on this special day!

    (this is a song based by JESS, as you know. Sing other verses as well like:

    I was in a life of pain

    and these are others:
    The pain drooped down my eyes
    The sob came dropping from my nose
    My mouth was red (dark)
    A super-man came to save me
    I was all happy
    It was great joy
    The ending so happy

    Those were the NAMES of other verses.)


  2. I was in the garden
    With the breeze in my eyes
    When a person passed along the side
    When I looked away
    And then I looked back,
    The person had gone
    And I’ve been looking on the lack.


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