WikiAnswers Release Update

You may have noticed some small changes to the site today – and if you did, well, you’ve got sharp eyes. Much of today’s release was focused on bug fixes and performance improvements, and if your answers load faster than usual, feel free to tip your mental hat to our engineering team.

Meanwhile, we’ve added a few handy tools to the menu on the left-hand side of the page. (To access the full version of the menu pictured here, sign up/log in and it will appear immediately.) The new tools are:

  • browse categories (takes you to category HQ, where you can search for a topic or browse our category list)
  • random page (jumps you to a randomly-picked question on WikiAnswers)
  • WikiAnswers email (direct link to WA inbox – supervisors only)

So, what else is new in this release?

Browse unanswered questions

We’ve made it even easier to answer new questions on your favorite topic by adding a FAYT (find-as-you-type) search box to the unanswered question page. Just start typing and related categories will appear.

Who’s on the Community Forum?

The Community Forum also saw a small but significant change today. Scroll down to the bottom of the forum, and you’ll see a new section called “Viewing this forum.” Listed there are all the other members and community assistants who are currently browsing the forum. If you need help with the site, or just advice from another WikiAnswerer, you can turn to these folks for help.

Category page design tweaks

The category page was treated to a modest makeover to improve readability and flexibility. See if you can spot the differences between the old and the new designs!

That’s a wrap! Until next time… onward and upward!

UPDATE: Thanks to Matthew for pointing out that a fix for the missing bio pages didn’t, in fact, make this release. We apologize, and it’s on the way.

9 thoughts on “WikiAnswers Release Update”

  1. Thanks, DT!

    There is a link to this post on the WikiAnswers homepage banner – hopefully it’s getting noticed there 🙂

    Thanks for your vandalism suggestion – I’ll take it up with the team!



  2. super updates. love the browse category

    A link to this post named whats new on the left panel would get it more noticed by a lot of users.

    I really would love to see a list of supers /site guardians /VP so i can tell my friends who to contact to stop a vandal .


  3. Great post and great new features!

    We also have a brand spankin’ new ability to perform a blank search in a category in order to return an entire collection of questions in that category for easier manipulation. I love this feature because it is so much more helpful to categorize misplaced questions in my categories without having to figure out a common keyword between many questions so that I can move them quickly in bulk.

    Not only that, but we also have reCaptcha now. reCaptcha makes it a little more easier than Captcha for visually impaired users to participate on WikiAnswers where the Captcha service is used by also being able to play audio files. I also love the fact that reCaptcha is the only spambot protection service that is going for a great cause – helping to digitize old books, magazines, etc., AND old time radio shows.


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