Answering some AnswerThon Q&A 2009 Contest

There have been quite a few questions asked regarding the AnswerThon this weekend, so I will attempt to answer them here.

How do you register for the AnswerThon?

You actually don’t have to register at all. You just need to be signed in to your WikiAnswers account while you answer all the questions during the time of the contest. If you aren’t signed in, your answers can’t be counted.

Can you compete in the AnswerThon if you are a new contributor on WikiAnswers?

Of course! You could sign up for WikiAnswers during the AnswerThon and still compete (though I’d suggest not procrastinating). It’s not about your past contributions or how much time you’ve spent on the site so far. It’s about answering the most questions in that 48 hour period.

What are the times for the AnswerThon in different time zones?

Saturday, April 25th: starting at midnight, 12:00 am, Eastern Standard Time, (which is actually late Friday night in EST).

Sunday, April 26th: ending at 11:59 pm, Eastern Standard Time, (right before midnight of the 27th in EST).

If it’s April 25th, at 12 am in EST, it’s still April 24th across the rest of the United States – 9 pm in Pacific Time and 10 pm in Mountain Time and 11 pm in Central Time.

Here is a time zone converter site. Remember to consider your time zone!

Why do people want to be in the AnswerThon?

One word: prizes.

A few more words: Over fifty – 62 to be exact – chances to win a prize in this AnswerThon.

What are the prizes for winning the AnswerThon?

First, second and third place winners will be chosen separately from two sets of community members – contributors and volunteer Supervisors. From each of these groups:

One FIRST PLACE winner, who answers the most questions in two days, will be crowned our AnswerThon Champion and receive a $500 Amazon gift certificate.

Two SECOND PLACE winners will receive a $200 Amazon gift certificate and a WikiAnswers laptop bag.

Three THIRD PLACE winners will receive a $100 Amazon gift certificate and a WikiAnswers blanket.

Fifty RUNNERS UP (including both contributors and volunteer Supervisors) will receive WikiAnswers t-shirts.

Are 12-year-olds eligible to compete in the AnswerThon?

Unfortunately not. From the rules: “Participants must be 13 years of age or older in order to compete in the event.”

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