How do you pronounce wiki?

Ever wonder if you’re doing it all wrong? No, no, not your school work or your marriage or attempting to potty train your dog. I mean… pronouncing the word ‘wiki.’

How do you pronounce ‘wiki’?

After all, it’s originally a Hawaiian word, and as proven by the spelling of ‘Hawaiian,’ this is clearly a word not pronounced how it would seem obvious.

Is it weeki? Whickey? Weki? Wikee? Weekee?

Well, first of all, the word from which it is derived is wiki-wiki, which means ‘quick’ in Hawaiian. It seems to be that the Hawaiian pronunciation is ‘weekee’ or ‘veekee’ but the pronunciation associated with the website technology (like WikiAnswers or Wikipedia) is whickey.

4 thoughts on “How do you pronounce wiki?”

  1. Okay…so i can read “whickey”
    but i still don’t know how to pronounce it?!!
    is it (witch-kee)? or (wai-kee)? or (wi-h-kee)?
    any help,please?? 😀


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