is a Webware 100 finalist!

Webware 100 - vote now!It’s that time of year… Time to vote in the 2009 Webware 100! That is CNET’s annual web awards to honor the people’s choice for best web apps, sites and services from a list of 300 finalists spread over ten categories.

More about the awards from CNET:

This year–the third year we’ve done the Webware 100–we had about 5,000 qualifying submissions from which we selected the final 300. These are 300 very strong Web apps, spread into 10 groups of 30 each.

And, like last year, has been nominated and is a finalist in the Search and Reference category.

So what are you waiting for? Vote now and recognize your favorite encyclodictionalmanacapedia!

Voting ends on April 30th and winners will be announced on May 19th, so stay tuned.

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