I pity the (April) fools.

While I’d be a true fool to compete with Google or YouTube in the realm of playing April Fool’s Day jokes, I will point out some interesting trivia about the springtime tradition; believe at your own risk.

3 thoughts on “I pity the (April) fools.”

  1. Message for Filipino Users of Answers.com for Filipino Community:

    Hi nakakaaliw naman itong site na to. Sana lang gamitin natin ng maayos kasi maswerte nga tayo at naisipan ng mga founder ng Answers.com na magprovide ng Answers.com for Filipino community. Gamitin natin ito ng tama, ipakita natin na karapat dapat tayong bigyan ng ganitong pagkakataon. Ipakita natin ang talino ng mga Pilipino. Hindi po ito chatroom para magvandalize lang tayo. Gawin natin ang lahat ng makakaya natin para masgot ang mga katanungan at gawin natin ang lahat ng makakaya natin para magisip ng mga katanungang sa tingin natin ay kailangang masagot at makatutulong tayo sa isa’t isa.


  2. April Fools’ Day: another source: In medieval times it was the one occasion when slaves and vassals working as tenant farmers on the lands of feudal chiefs, welcomed Spring with festivity. One of the festivities allowed was that the workers on 1st April could “make fun” or “fools” of their Masters or Landlords by also making “fools” of themselves through story or mime. This is the beginning of a collection of stories called Trickster Tales – where the underdog is able to outwit the wealthy, and often, stupid Master. So the pranks or jokes on April Fools’ are really an evolution of a tradition where “nothing is to be taken so seriously – especially one’s social position”. It is also the precursor of Satire. Storytelling events are on – possibly at a pub near you!


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