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Matt Sevits of made this observation yesterday:”When most people hear “wiki,” the first thing that comes to mind is probably Wikipedia.” I do find that to be the case as well… but I also agree that “all that is about to change.” The site (wisely!) included in his list of sites that go “beyond Wikipedia: 7 wikis for everything from “Lost” to lyrics.”

Says Matt:

WikiAnswers takes a collaborative approach to knowledge, giving you the chance to ask questions and use your knowledge to answer the questions submitted by others. If search engines can’t answer your question, someone on WikiAnswers probably can.

Exactly what I was thinking.

4 thoughts on “WikiAnswers on”

  1. Search engines can take you to the websites that have the answers… They can’t actually answer the questions themselves. WikiAnswers would be the destination you get to after you’ve searched in Google or Yahoo, etc.


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