WikiAnswers: now with over 10 million questions!

Here’s a fun fact: In the little over two years since was acquired, the number of questions on the site has increased 35-fold. On March 6th – last Friday – the site was asked its 10 millionth question.

10 million questions on WikiAnswers!

Here’s another fun fact: The 10 millionth question was – drum roll please –

How long is the flight from Newark to Sydney?

That ought to awaken the travel bug in you!

Some other fun facts:

  • According to comScore, US unique visitors reached nearly 19 million in January 2009, compared to 729 thousand in December 2006.
  • During this time period,’s market share increased from 4% to nearly 35%, vs. Yahoo! Answers, based on US unique visitors.
  • There are over 500 volunteer Supervisors and millions of contributors from around the world asking, answering and editing across the site’s 4,712 categories.

As quoted by Bruce D. Smith, who leads the Community Development team: “We aim to make the best place for users to find answers to all their questions.”

So that’s the challenge put forth to you: What are your questions? Have they been asked at yet? And how long before 15 million, 100 million, a billion questions?

8 thoughts on “WikiAnswers: now with over 10 million questions!”

  1. Wow. This is awesome. It was just one year ago, March 2008, that WikiAnswers reached two million, right?

    I looked back in my records and question number 200,000 was the first one we celebrated as a milestone. That was in April 2006.

    Kara suggested we give a prize to the person who answered it. It went to TrishaR.


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