There’s something in the water in Hungary.

It’s expected that the WikiAnswers community can give me answers I seek. Going further, it’s a great thing when WikiAnswers can give me great answers.

But what I love is when WikiAnswers can make me laugh.

Which, again, is why there is a WikiAnswers Wednesday section of this site. And also why there is a Most Amusing Questions Ever Asked on WikiAnswers category!

A virgin shark in Hungary gave birth to what some are referring to as ‘shark Jesus’ – so if this shark turned water into wine could he live in it?

Though I have many theories on the matter, here is what a contributor has offered:

It depends on the type of wine. For example, the amount of dissolved carbon dioxide in a champagne or sparkling wine would poison the shark; but in most types of wine I would expect there is enough dissolved oxygen for the shark to breathe.


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