Dreamin’ with Answers.com.

Our minds work in mysterious ways. Dreams are the way that our subconscious speaks to us. Did you dream last night? What was it about? Instead of staying awake and pondering what all those symbols in your dreams mean, you can now check out the Dream Encyclopedia and Dream Symbols on Answers.com to help you divine the meaning what’s going on.

Suppose that you dream about your dog lapping up honey while sitting on your necktie during a flight home… You can try and break it down like this:

  • dog = loyalty
  • honey = sweet taste of success
  • necktie = tying up loose ends
  • airplane = freedom
  • home = Independence and dependency needs

It may mean that your subconscious is telling you to finish what you are doing and rejoin your old friends. This will free you up to pursue what you really want to do and allow you to succeed…

Or maybe not. Try it out and see if your dreams make any sense to you!

3 thoughts on “Dreamin’ with Answers.com.”

  1. Alternatively, it could mean that your poor dog is doing the best thing possible since he’s starving and you haven’t offered to share your peanuts on the flight.


  2. Cool post, I’m on my way over after this comment.

    I wonder what it means to be tied up with your necktie by your dog on an airplane who is eating honey out of a jar by the paw full on your way back home.

    Perhaps I should seek the help of a professional? :-/


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