Answers Corporation reports a successful year.

Some excellent news came out of Answers Corporation today:

Answers Corporation Reports Q4 and Full Year 2008 Financial Results
Q4 Record Revenue of $4.63 million and Adjusted EBITDA of $1.95 million

Answers Corporation… today reported unaudited results for its fourth quarter and fiscal year ended December 31, 2008.

“Answers is very pleased to report a milestone quarter and fiscal year,” stated Robert Rosenschein, Chairman and CEO. “Quarterly revenues rose 30% sequentially to $4.63 million, with Adjusted EBITDA reaching $1.95 million, and our cash balance increasing $2 million to $11.74 million.

WikiAnswers continues to be an amazing property. comScore ranked it the fastest growing domain for all of 2008, as measured by percent change in unique monthly visitors for the top 200 US Web domains. Answers’ financial progress is a testament to our focus on the product without losing control of expenses. We look forward to continued growth in 2009 – and to building our value proposition of providing our users useful, relevant, quick answers.”

For more, check out the full report or listen to the conference call.

3 thoughts on “Answers Corporation reports a successful year.”

  1. Once upon a time, before they launched AdWords, even Google looked as if it were a not-for-profit corporation, too. Perhaps Answers Corp has a new model to unveil that will bring in the big bucks down the road.


  2. NOT impressed at all. Answers Corp is ranked 17 on Quantcast but all that traffic has not done a thing for its shareholders. Its like ‘all dressed up but nowhere to go” for this company.
    Answer this – How many of the top 25 companies in Quantcast rankings are NOT profitable?
    My guess is 1 and you know which one that is.

    This company seems to run like its a non-profit organization.

    Lots of stupid questions and only a few good answers.


  3. Bravo!!
    Congrats to you all. It’s all very well deserved.

    I have nothing but great and positive things to say about the handful of people that I’ve corresponded with thus far from and WikiAnswers.
    With such friendly, helpful, and kind people, it’s no wonder at all why Answers Corp continues to grow and be successful.


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