Has your school paper told you yet?

Hello? What’s your school paper waiting for? The WikiAnswers Scholarship program is underway and you have about six weeks left to answer 50 WikiAnswers questions on the topics of your choice – and win $1,000 for college!

The Distance Daily is sharing the news… They are “dedicated to bringing you the best and latest in headlines regarding students and university and college life. From lifestyle and education news to college reviews and scholarships…”

If you’re connected to any high school or university newspapers, feel free to pass along the info about the scholarship. Why should all your friends miss out?

(Yes, I know why, so that you have a better chance of winning… but that’s not so nice, is it?)

2 thoughts on “Has your school paper told you yet?”

  1. is this all le time? i am being tourment eed by paying an arm and leg for college. i dont remember this scholarship!!! i need to make the green, vert much!!


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