Now celebrating the 3 millionth answer.

3 millionth answer!It’s WikiAnswers Wednesday, which means we’re taking a look at a question on WikiAnswers that has caught our eye. But today’s question is more than just another one of the millions of questions on WikiAnswers; it’s a milestone: the question containing the 3 millionth answer!

Here’s the Q&A that can boast the honor:

Will every solid with the same dimension have the same density?

Now, physics might not be your game, but it is for others, including Emdrgreg, who provided the – if I may say so – very well-written answer. I’m no scienceĀ  buff myself, so here’s an excerpt in case we’d all like to learn a thing or two about the density of solids with the same dimensions:

“No. Density is a property of a given material, regardless of how much or how little you have. Density is mass divided by volume. These statements are not contradictory…”

Glad at least one of us out there knows the answer! It’s also very encouraging to see the Q&A community in action, with their millions of contributions. Keep up the quality work, Emdrgreg.

This is also a great opportunity to thank the millions of contributors – members and anonymous – who have asked, answered and edited on WikiAnswers.

Now, let’s get moving with the next million…

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