WikiAnswers: 2008’s fastest-growing U.S. domain

Well, this sure is a ‘WikiAnswers Wednesday’ because there is some pretty cool news to come out of Answers Corp today: WikiAnswers has been declared the fastest-growing domain in 2008 out of the top 200 U.S. domains. That means WikiAnswers has managed to rake in some impressive stats two years in a row!

Here’s the lowdown from the Answers Corp press release:

“…according to analysis using comScore data (comScore, US Top 200 Web Domains Report, December 2007 vs. December 2008, ranked by % change), WikiAnswers’ unique monthly visitor count in the U.S. grew 154%, to nearly 16.5 million. This ranks WikiAnswers as the fastest growing domain in 2008, of the top 200 in the U.S. as measured by unique monthly visitors.”

Go ahead and check out a list of the top 20.

And what would a happy occasion be without a word from Bob Rosenschein, Answers Chairman and CEO?

“We continue to be excited by the rate at which the community contributes content to our unique wiki-Q&A platform… Our goal is to build the world’s largest and most useful Q&A database. We aim to cultivate a vibrant community and invest in the quality of answers generated by its members.”

Congrats to all the dedicated contributors and back-end team members who make the WikiAnswers world go ’round! You’ve done it again.

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