Universal Edit Button on WikiAnswers.

WikiAnswers now supports the Universal Edit Button (or UEB). It is a powerful Firefox add-on, displaying a special icon in the address bar when content on the page you’re viewing is editable. It functions much like those ubiquitous orange RSS icons that signal syndicated content (popularly known as RSS feeds) is available on the website you’re viewing.

Here’s how it looks in your browser:

The UEB enables Wikiholics to more easily edit answers on WikiAnswers as well as unearth new opportunities to contribute to wiki pages around the web. With other popular wikis – including Wikipedia – enabling this capability on their websites, the UEB may even become a standard feature of browsers in the future… which is why if you don’t already use the Firefox browser, you may want to start now!

Long live wikis!

Hat tip to Brave3 for sharing!

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