How did you originally find WikiAnswers?

Recently I’ve seen an influx of Q&A activity in the Poetry category. I thought it might be nice to reflect that in this week’s WikiAnswers Wednesday question. Lexagon is a WikiAnswers contributor and limerick aficionado (who is also celebrating his birthday today), so let’s see what he has to say about this week’s question:

How did you originally find WikiAnswers?

Take it away, Lexagon:

I stumbled upon WikiAnswers
Fielded questions ‘bout singers and dancers,
They made me a super
An’ an anti-vandal trooper
I can’t stop! If I do, I’ll go bonkers!

So how did you find WikiAnswers?

7 thoughts on “How did you originally find WikiAnswers?”

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  3. Hello. I stumbled across WikiAnswers in 2008, and I have been enjoying it ever since then! I was just looking for someplace where I could post a question I had at that time, and I was so glad I signed up with WikiAnswers. I am not sorry I signed up. And now I’m a contributor!


  4. It was just about two weeks ago that I discovered WikiAnswers while I was going through search results on Google for 90’s dance music. In those results I saw the question “What are the best 50 techno songs from the 90s” and I decided to follow the link. Well, honestly the answer to that question wasn’t helpful and has since been flagged as “needs more detail” but the site peaked my curiosity so I decided to look around.

    I asked a few questions and when I discovered that questions about Mozilla Thunderbird where placed in the Ford Thunderbird category and that there wasn’t a dedicated category for Mozilla Thunderbird, I sent an email requesting that a category for Mozilla Thunderbird be created and if one was created I’d be interested in helping out with questions pertaining to Mozilla Thunderbird and Mozilla Firefox.

    A day or so later I got an email from Mathew stating that he had created a category for Mozilla Thunderbird and he accepted my offer to help with that category and the Mozilla Firefox category so here I am a supervisor for the Mozilla Thunderbird category and a co-supervisor for the Mozilla Firefox one.

    I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute and help out and the users of Mozilla’s products. Doing so will help me to fine tune my writing skills which could always use improvement esspetiallee mye speeling skils. 🙂

    I have a lot to learn and I am involved in several other projects but I’ve already discovered that I’m addicted to so I plan on spending a good amount of time helping others when and where I can.

    I also want to publicly thank Mathew for his warm welcome. Thanks to him, I feel very comfortable jumping in and being a part of the community. His energy and passion for WikiAnswers is infectious and motivating.


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