It’s National Trivia Day.

Haven’t had enough of the holidays yet?

January 4th is National Trivia Day! The origins of the day are unknown, however, many would claim it is a marketing ploy of the makers of Trivial Pursuit. There is a tradition to play the famous game, or other knowledge-based games, in honor of today.

Of course, there is also a tradition to call or email friends and family and share a little-known fact… What if I propose sharing that little-known trivia fact on WikiAnswers, spreading your knowledge to an entire Q&A community spanning the globe?

Go for it! Find an unanswered question that can be answered with a piece of trivia, or create your own question and answer it. Comment on this blog post with the URL of your question and answer so we can all learn something trivial – but interesting! – today.

…Or, if you’re looking for trivia instead of sharing it, check out the Spotlight on today’s homepage.

7 thoughts on “It’s National Trivia Day.”


    How long would it take to walk across the width of Russia?

    Well, after finding the relevant information on I wrote:

    The two widest separated points in Russia are about 8,000 km (5,000 mi) apart.
    If you can keep up a pace of 4 km/h it would take you 2,000 hours.
    Assuming you walk for 12 hours / day it would take you 166 days; almost half a year.


    – Danny


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