What are the factors affecting recession?

Today’s WikiAnswers Wednesday question comes hot off the presses; with the new homepage snippets feature I can tell the question was asked just 1 minute ago. That’s quickly become one of my favorite new features. Fresh unanswered goodness. All that potential. The chance to answer first.

Anyway, I’m going to give it a shot at answering:

What are the factors affecting recession?

Well, I don’t know economics much, so I won’t go there, but here are the factors affecting my own personal recession:

  • the fact that my bed is warmer than outside
  • chapped lips
  • wind chill factor
  • wearing pants underneath pants
  • waiting for the bus at 7 am while considering the wind chill factor
  • wearing boots indoors
  • brrrrr

Ouch. I guess I see a pattern there. Well, if I don’t come out of my house for the next few months, you know why. See you in spring!

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