WikiAnswers: a timeline of awesome on WikiTree.

Ever feel like sitting around and remembering the good ole days? How about the good new days? WikiAnswers now has it’s own space on WikiTree, which is:

  1. a tool for families to organize and share their family tree, memories, photos, etc.
  2. an historical resource — an international “wiki” for life stories and family histories.

And… it’s also a website created by Chris Whitten, founder of the original WikiAnswers, known then as FAQ Farm. This new venture is a wiki meant for collaboration in coming up with information to add to the family trees and personal profile pages.

You can check out the WikiAnswers WikiTree space and read through a growing timeline of the Q&A site’s history, started by a few of the original WikiAnswerers, including Chris himself. Feel free to sign up and create your own family tree or check out the WikiAnswers page and watch it grow!

4 thoughts on “WikiAnswers: a timeline of awesome on WikiTree.”

  1. From what I can tell, the WikiTree site is a family tree site based on the wiki platform, meaning, you can have different members go in and edit details over time. It’s a collaborative approach to building a family tree.


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