Calling all friendly contributors!

You’re browsing WikiAnswers. You come across a question. It’s answered by a brand new contributor… and they haven’t been formally welcomed to the community yet. Who are you gonna call? The Community Outreach team!

An initiative set up and run by Robin, the Community Outreach program is a dedicated task force of both Supervisors and contributors. It’s got a few main objectives, covered by four roles:

  • WikiGuides welcome new contributors, invite them to participate in special events, offer guidance, and help where they are needed.
  • Talent Scouts are WikiGuides who specialize in finding and recommending outstanding contributors in various areas of participation on the site, including Premier Answerers and Editors.
  • Wiki Greeters are well-wishers who are always on the lookout for contributors’ birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, graduations, or any notable event in our contributors’ lives.
  • Forum Fanatics are WikiGuides who enjoy meeting and visiting with members of the community through frequenting the discussion forums.

Interested in joining the team? Get in touch by writing to CommunityOutreach @ (no spaces). Don’t forget to include your WikiAnswers username in your message.

One thought on “Calling all friendly contributors!”

  1. What amazes me is that this cool awesome post was brilliantly produced by Liz as she multi-tasked participating in meetings, listening to people have lively conversations all around her, answering questions about FB reports, working on the very exciting WA Year in Review, Skyping… HOW????!??!? You’re Wonder-ful-Woman! 😉


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