A WikiAnswers release means new features.

I love the ‘R’ word. That’s right: release. There’s just nothing like waking up in the morning, stretching, opening a browser to WikiAnswers and noticing that the WikiAnswers team has put out a release of new features and site updates while I was sleeping.

  • The WikiAnswers homepage got a minor face lift with this new release, including a listing of recent questions with their category and time of asking.
  • Check out the holiday-themed tag cloud on the homepage and Browse Categories.
  • More reasons to log in! The blue Tools Menu has been completely revamped in a more organized style.
  • Think you’ve reached the limit of contributor-level badges? They no longer top out at Platinum: start working towards becoming a Ruby contributor.
  • There is now a spell checker in the answer form; before you post your answer, click the ABC button at the end of the menu and make your answer even more perfect.
  • Feel the love, share the love: Join the Community Outreach program and reach a whole new level of participation.
  • Cleaning up clearly: A new warning feature for Supervisors allows for organized and effective vandal patrol.

Your comments are welcome!

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