The man behind the Idisjunction.

Linux rules!

This week we’re introducing Idisjunction, a modest guy who deserves some attention for all his hard work on WikiAnswers… including his status as a Silver contributor with over 10,000 contributions! He’s also a Category Supervisor, watching the Linux category. That works for me, since he enjoys learning about computer hardware, the history of operating systems and the varieties of software available.

How did you originally hear about WikiAnswers?

I encountered WikiAnswers when it appeared in the results of some of my Google queries. I looked into it further and thought it might be something interesting to try.

Explain your username.

“idisjunction” is a shortening of “inclusive disjunction.” I chose the word at random out of a dictionary a long tome ago, and have used it as a pseudonym on most sites ever since.

An “inclusive disjunction” is basically a statement that is true if one or both parts are true, and false only if both parts are false. It doesn’t hold any personal meaning for me, though.

What motivates you to volunteer your time to the WikiAnswers community?

It’s fine if you don’t know something as long as you are willing to learn. But a lack of curiosity is a crime against the inquisitive spirit of humanity. I try to learn at least a little bit of everything, and if I can help someone else learn something, then I’ve helped to do my part in making the world a better place.

What are your areas of expertise?

I’d hesitate to call myself an “expert” at anything. I consider myself generally knowledgeable about software and operating systems (I supervise the Linux category). I know a good bit about computer hardware, too, but I’m probably not the guy to help you pick out a video card for your new gaming rig.

What is your favorite WikiAnswers feature?

Probably the question merging tool (for Supervisors). Even though most of the stuff I merge are spelling errors, there are still quite a few different ways that a question could be said properly, but not have it linked to a question that was already answered. By merging questions, I’m actually able to help more people get answers to their questions.

What is the funniest question you’ve seen or the funniest experience you’ve had on WikiAnswers?

I try not to laugh at most questions, since they are usually the result of spelling/grammatical errors, or are deliberate attempts at humor. Sometimes questions that can’t really be answered, and can mean a couple different things are hard not to chuckle at… or make you paranoid. A good example of this was the question “Is Jessie coming to get you?” Boy, I hope not!

Share a random fact (or two) about yourself.

I have given blood a total of seven times. Only about 5% of the US population ever gives blood, and only 30% of those ever bother to do it again.

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