Wikiholic, sportsoholic – it’s all addiction to me.

Today I’m happy to present a deeper look into one of the brilliant minds behind the WikiAnswers team. Gil is a WikiAnswers tester, who, when not working on making sure the site is constantly perfect, apparently has other things to think about… who knew?


Yesterday was a big day for me.

Four of my favorite sports teams were playing simultaneously in three different sports, and luck would have it, they all won!

It’s hard to describe how good it feels for a devoted fan when your favorite team wins a game, I think the closest I can come is it’s like having the best ice-cream headache of your life combined with the rush of eating way too much chocolate (before that nasty stomachache kicks in). So if you’ll take that feeling and multiply it by four you’ll know how I feel today…

…kind of sick.

You see, apart from being a part-time Wikiholic, I am also a sportsoholic.

I follow baseball, football, basketball and soccer; in each I have a different favorite team.

Actually, it’s even more complicated than that.

I root for one baseball team, one football team, two basketball teams (one in located in Israel and one from the NBA), and three different soccer teams (one in Israel, one in England and one in Spain).

Wait, I think I can complicate this even further.

One of the basketball teams and two of the soccer teams play in two different leagues each. That’s like trying to Supervise ten different categories…

Oh, and did I mention that almost half of those games are played between midnight to 6 am, my local time?

So, to recap, every year I follow seven teams in ten different leagues, playing more than 365 games. No wonder days like yesterday happen…


P.S. And I didn’t even talk about my favorite tennis and golf players!

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